Thursday, 24 February 2011

back at the pit pool 24/22011

well 2day i went fishing at the pit pool in bedworth before i set off fishing i dug sum lobworms from my back garden mmmm nice fresh worms for perch i got 2 the pool about half 12 a d set up a feeder bolt rig use my barbel /feeder/float rod . the baits i had with me was pellets bread and worms + blood worm oil . i start fishing for roach and skimma bream filling 20g feeder with wet bread and pellets and a small red worm on the hook
                                                        a small roach just under the pound mark
after a few hours of miss bites useing the feeder i swap over to a nice light float and start hooking up more fish
                                       3lb 6 onces perch took on a small red worm size 14 hook
                                                               big mouth perch

after an hour i started get more bite from perch but i was not hooking them so  switch form a size 14 hook to a size 8 hook and manage 1 more perch before it got to dark fishing a full lobworm on the hook and choped worms with blood worm oil over the fish area
                                                                 2lb 20 once perch
                                                          thanks for reeding my blog