Thursday, 21 February 2013

off down the anker for chub

well wot can i say after 6 blanks on the anker i finally catch a chub not the snow chub i won't tho ive been out in snow wind and rain  trying catch chub and it finally happen in the last swim of the day a very snagy swim

as i moved in to this swim for the lasted half hour  and droped my baited hook  in water use big lumps of breed as i sit and watch the tip i had two little pulls so the had to be sum chub there after about 3 mins after the two small pulls the tip drop back i struck in a chub witch bent my avanti 10/10 feeder rod double as it bored for the snags this is a great little rod for £20 with 10 feeder tip from half  once to 4 once  i can hit 90 yards fishing the method feeder  on larger carp pools .

                                                                the snagy swim