Thursday, 21 February 2013

off down the anker for chub

well wot can i say after 6 blanks on the anker i finally catch a chub not the snow chub i won't tho ive been out in snow wind and rain  trying catch chub and it finally happen in the last swim of the day a very snagy swim

as i moved in to this swim for the lasted half hour  and droped my baited hook  in water use big lumps of breed as i sit and watch the tip i had two little pulls so the had to be sum chub there after about 3 mins after the two small pulls the tip drop back i struck in a chub witch bent my avanti 10/10 feeder rod double as it bored for the snags this is a great little rod for £20 with 10 feeder tip from half  once to 4 once  i can hit 90 yards fishing the method feeder  on larger carp pools .

                                                                the snagy swim

Monday, 9 January 2012

my 2011 review

im sorry that a don't  blog enough i relly do need to blog more but spelling  ent that great and my blog storys dnt sound a great as jeff hatt . A great writer .

well for me it got be catching my first river anker barbel
catch 9 bermuda tench on the method  feeder
catch a gravel pit 90 foot bream
catch more 3lb + perch
thanks for reading my blog and to all the blogger i have met.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

back at the pit pool 24/22011

well 2day i went fishing at the pit pool in bedworth before i set off fishing i dug sum lobworms from my back garden mmmm nice fresh worms for perch i got 2 the pool about half 12 a d set up a feeder bolt rig use my barbel /feeder/float rod . the baits i had with me was pellets bread and worms + blood worm oil . i start fishing for roach and skimma bream filling 20g feeder with wet bread and pellets and a small red worm on the hook
                                                        a small roach just under the pound mark
after a few hours of miss bites useing the feeder i swap over to a nice light float and start hooking up more fish
                                       3lb 6 onces perch took on a small red worm size 14 hook
                                                               big mouth perch

after an hour i started get more bite from perch but i was not hooking them so  switch form a size 14 hook to a size 8 hook and manage 1 more perch before it got to dark fishing a full lobworm on the hook and choped worms with blood worm oil over the fish area
                                                                 2lb 20 once perch
                                                          thanks for reeding my blog

Friday, 28 January 2011

28/1/2011 90 foot pike

2 day see's me at the 90 foot or the motorway pool as sum people  call it i set up rods one for perch and roach useing slideing float with a lead as the pool is very deep very clear water with slit gravel  bars canadian  pond weed and lilly pads and a dead baits rod with a pop roach

                                                                view  of the pool

                                               moved pegs looking to find a pike
i only had 2 run witch the first  run drop the roach after i pulled in to a jake pike witch looked around 5 pound in the water but i losted him
                                 a small jake pike 3pound 40 oz took a poped up lagered roach
                                                                      my scales

27/0102011 at the pit pool

it was very freezing cold and i very slow start only had 4 bites on the float most  to lifted  bites i had 2 roach skimma and 1 perch in a 2 hour a slow or wot
                                                                the  not so deep side

                                                     the deep side of the pool
                                                                    skimma bream
                                                                  roach or rudd
i lefted after 2 hours as i was 2 cold

Sunday, 23 January 2011

23/1/2011 at the pit pool

well 2 see's me at my local fram pool called the pit pool the day was cold and windy  so i aimed myself with my float / feeder rod to try and sum roach , rudd , skimma bream and perch . i lefted home at 11.30 am and was at the pool by 12 set up using 3lb line a light float size 18 hook  and a few shot down the line .Baits maggits and bread pounch on the feeding mashed bread and maggits over the float first fish was a nice 10oz roach

after have 8 roach 2 rudd and 1 skimma the perch came in to feed as well
more roach
after catching lots roach i had 2 lovely perch one 2 and half pound and one under pound
 a nice big perch witch looked bigger then 2 and half pound  ive had perch from this pool upto 3pound there bigger one's in there too.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

sum of last year favour catch pictures

i was fish with small peltils for skimma bream i had over 100 skimma  till a hungry  carp got hooked 18 hook 10 pound

fish with a full lob worm size 8 hook 3pound perch my pb

bermuda park pike 4 and  half jack pike