Sunday, 23 January 2011

23/1/2011 at the pit pool

well 2 see's me at my local fram pool called the pit pool the day was cold and windy  so i aimed myself with my float / feeder rod to try and sum roach , rudd , skimma bream and perch . i lefted home at 11.30 am and was at the pool by 12 set up using 3lb line a light float size 18 hook  and a few shot down the line .Baits maggits and bread pounch on the feeding mashed bread and maggits over the float first fish was a nice 10oz roach

after have 8 roach 2 rudd and 1 skimma the perch came in to feed as well
more roach
after catching lots roach i had 2 lovely perch one 2 and half pound and one under pound
 a nice big perch witch looked bigger then 2 and half pound  ive had perch from this pool upto 3pound there bigger one's in there too.


  1. Andrew
    Nice Perch, where is this pool, local to Bedworth?

  2. Do you cross the fields from Dove Close or through the farm on Bedworth Lane?, Don't want to get shot at for going the wrong way!

  3. Cheers Andrew, might see you down there one weekend.

  4. Thanks for the info Andrew.

    It's amazing just how many free/cheap to fish ponds are in the area, that all seem to hold some decent fish.

    I'm spoiled for choice when the rivers close in March!