Saturday, 22 January 2011

21/1/2011 river anker

the for fishing
well im new 2 this bogger thing and yestday see me at the river anker on the a5 of nuneaton where i was looking find perch pike and chub i started the day at 12pm after my grandad drop me off  i set up 2 rods 1 feeder and a dead bait rig after 3 and half hours i packed the feeder rod away and chage to a trotting dead bait rid move up the up river every 10 mins to cover and search river in hope of a pike at around 4.30 pm after cover lots of river i hit fish that hit the half a roach hard and at first i was yes ive hit a nice pike but after a nice fight the fish top for me 2 see a nice chub of 3 pound

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